Flower Preservation Process

What happens after I’ve placed my booking & paid the deposit?

  • Your booking will be approved yay!
  • I will send you a reminder 48 hours before your event reminding you of your booking and whether or not you'll be dropping your flowers or posting them
  • Deposits are not refundable if change of mind.
What happens when you have my Flowers?

Drop off – If you drop your flowers off, we can discuss face-to-face the options you have chosen on your booking form and making sure your flowers will fit in those specific items and if more are needed.
Post – If you have posted your flowers, I will email you straight away advising that I have received your flowers and we then will discuss what you have chosen on your form.

  • Once decisions have been made and finalised, we will then discuss payment.

Will you update me on my item?
If you would like to follow the process of your item, follow me on Instagram @resinandmedesigns.

When do I pay the remaining amount I've chosen to do half payment?
I will email you the balance before your item is placed inside resin.

What if my flowers are already dried?
That is perfectly fine. Basically, ANYTHING can go inside Resin as a forever keepsake whether it's dried flowers, jewellery or something that is sentimental to you.